Axel Meise

Wiener Platz 7 Rgb.
81667 München

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Products by Axel Meise

Axel Meise is a self-taught light designer. He designed and marketed his first table lamp already as a student in the mid eighties. He proceeded to lay the cornerstone for his company Axelmeiselicht with the low voltage systems which followed. In his work as a light designer he had the inspiration of a comprehensive "lighting tool" and put the first sketches for a modular lighting system to paper one night in the mid nineties - the initial idea that sparked off Occhio.

This highly innovative head-body principle is the result of the following consideration: “How do I place a light source in a room exactly where the light is needed – and how do I create the optimal lighting effect for the respective situation?”.

Occhio is the result of his 25-year preoccupation with lighting and at the same time marks only the beginning of a continuous innovation process, for: “light is evolution”.