Grau 2022: FALLING (2. Generation)

As part of a brand relaunch, the luminaire manufacturer Grau presents the "Falling (2nd generation)" pendant luminaire, which is the further development of the classic.

Since October 2022, the luminaire manufacturer Tobias Grau has been operating under the new brand name Grau. To mark the occasion, the company is presenting a product collection in three categories: Mobile luminaires for dynamic moments, atmospheric light for atmospheric settings and smart task luminaires for the modern workplace. The respective new releases are updates of well-known products that have been adapted to contemporary needs. This also includes "Falling (2nd generation)", a luminaire that is a further development of the classic "Falling". The pendant luminaire, which emits a glare-free and adaptable light thanks to an optical lens, is now available in the two new colours "Sand White" and "Sun Orange". From the inside, it shines with a new Ultra Warm Dim that allows the colour temperature to be adjusted to the respective needs and interprets the colour gradient of a sunset. (am)