The luminaire manufacturer Tobias Grau recently presented a creative installation with his new addition to the family at Stilwerk Berlin.

In motion

Bright ideas: Tobias Grau brings light to the darkness with four new flexible products.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 12/20/2018

Parrot”, “Salt & Pepper”, “John 2” and “Sixteen”: These “fantastic four” are among the latest innovations from Tobias Grau. The luminaire manufacturer recently presented a creative installation at Stilwerk Berlin that showcased the latest additions to its range: With semi-transparent, nine-meter-long fabric banners emphasizing the luminescence and mobility of the wireless products in the spacious main atrium of the building on the Kurfürstendamm. “Parrot” was designed by Timon and Melchior Grau, the designer’s own sons. This standard lamp offers a dimmable mobile light with an aluminum body that can be flexibly positioned and a tilting lamp head. The integrated warmDIM technology ensures a pleasant atmosphere by automatically adjusting the color temperature to the brightness of the room. “Salt & Pepper”, which is made of aluminum and glass, is also able to adapt to a situation: Warm and atmospheric, the dimmed light from this small table lamp is perfect for a cozy dinner for two. When more light is required, the dimmer on the flat lamp head can be adjusted up to maximum with simple pressure. For greater variation, there is a choice of dark and light versions of Salt & Pepper too.

"Parrot" was written by Timon and Melchior Grau, the designer's sons.
In the main atrium of the Stilwerk, semi-transparent fabric banners nine metres long emphasised the luminescence and mobility of the wireless products.

Meanwhile, “John 2” provides the perfect light to work by: The mobile table lamp offers a reduced form combined with performance at the highest level. Two spring joints and a rotating lamp head provide ample room for maneuver, while lens optics reduce the glare of the LED lights as much as possible, so the lamp provides a pleasant light to read by. Two dimmer switches placed on either side mean the lamp can be adjusted on the left or the right. The elegant “Sixteen” table lamp comes in porcelain, handblown white glass, or with a dark lampshade. In each version, “Sixteen” sheds calm, dimmable light. The homely luminaires are part of consistent advances to the lines: It was back in 1987 that Tobias Grau presented his first collection of luminaires at imm cologne, and Franziska and Tobias Grau’s first purely LED collection was launched last fall.

"Salt and Pepper": Warm and atmospheric, the dimmed light of the small table lamp is perfect for a cosy dinner for two.
For more luminosity, the dimmer can be adjusted to a maximum by simply pressing the flat head surface.
"John 2" provides the perfect working light: the movable table lamp offers reduction in form and performance at a high level.
The glare of the LED luminaire with lens optics is reduced to a maximum so that reading with the light of the luminaire is pleasant.
The elegant table lamp "Sixteen" is available in porcelain, mouth-blown white glass or with dark lampshade.