Anna Moldenhauer, Stylepark, in conversation with Sebastian Herkner on "Taru" by Ligne Roset.

A gentle companion

Two characteristics associated with elephants are a well-balanced temperament and strong social skills. Sebastian Herkner so admires elephants’ special character – its silhouette is found in the shape of his sofa "Taru" for Ligne Roset.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 1/16/2020

A small giant: Compact with subtle transitions and chunky feet, “Taru” comes across as both robust and soft. Comfort was a very important aspect for Herkner when designing the sofa for Ligne Roset and the body of tubular steel frame, three-ply plywood boards and flexible belts is therefore very generously covered with polyurethane foam and polyester batting. Sitting on “Taru” you feel like you are on a cloud and you can rest your arm on the low backrest while your hand caresses the velvety cover. The smooth transition from seating area to the broad feet that reminds of those of an elephant testifies to the immense craftsmanship of the French family firm: Ligne Roset would not dream of using a stapler to attach the fabric. Instead every seam is sewn using a needle and thread, while decorative seams on the backrest and armrests set fine accents. “The collaboration with Ligne Roset was very intensive, we developed all the details together in the workshops,” Sebastian Herkner recalls.

And he paid special attention to an aspect of the sofa that is otherwise sadly neglected: its appearance from the back. Thanks to the compact size and its organic silhouette it can also be placed in numerous positions in small rooms – reason enough to lend its back a certain something. Regardless of whether it is colored fabric or fine leather the covers can be chosen to contrast with the front side. Thanks to the numerous versions and options available “Taru” can easily be turned into a highly personal favorite and accompany its owner for many years. “Ligne Roset is not a fast fashion brand. They have a feeling for fine elegance and are very down to earth,” the designer narrates. Mindful of the philosophy of the furniture maker from Briord, with “Taru” Sebastian Herkner has developed a sofa that can blend harmoniously with each and every setting and which thanks to its particularly high level of comfort ensures the person sitting on it will not want to get up again in a hurry. The Stylepark jury was likewise impressed: At imm cologne 2020 “Taru” received the Stylepark Selected Award.

Ligne Roset at imm cologne: Hall 11.3, O02/P029

At the imm cologne 2020 Sebastian Herkner's design "Taru" for Ligne Roset received the Stylepark Selected Award.