Stylepark Selected imm cologne 2020

With the Stylepark Selected Award for the imm cologne 2020, Stylepark again honours the best product premieres of the Cologne Design Week. These are the winners.

In 2020 the Stylepark jury has once again carefully studied all the new product releases at imm cologne before the fair opens its doors to the public, and those judged the most successful have been honored with the Stylepark Selected Award. We believe: You most definitely shouldn’t miss these products when you visit the fair. Among other things, the jury’s selection covers the theme of “outdoors”, which is becoming increasingly important at imm cologne and to which this year’s “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” is dedicated, as well as the current trend toward microliving.


Design: Diego Vencato & Marco Merendi
Hall 11.1, booth B011/A010

Jury statement: These days, exterior spaces receive a great amount of attention when it comes to design and are now truly on a par with interiors. With its “Petra” outdoor wash basin Agape now offers a wash space suitable for use in the garden that boasts an ultramodern design.


Design: Studio Pepe
Hall 11.1, booth B011/A010

Jury statement: The “Jupiter” table designed by Studio Pepe for Baxter appears to mock the laws of physics. The solid copper tabletop is connected to the cylindrical table leg by nothing but a delicate stud.

De Sede

Design: Patrick Norguet
Hall 11.2, booth H051

Jury statement: The “DS-175” sofa by Patrick Norguet for de Sede exhibits immense formal discipline, thus providing an ideal stage for the luxuriously treated leather used for the upholstery. Norguet skillfully combines classical and contemporary elements in a design that appears as modern as it is classical.


Design: Eugeni Quitllet
Hall 11.1, booth F027/E026

Jury statement: The simplicity of the formal solution found for “Strong” by Eugeni Quitllet for Desalto is a refreshing new take on the bar stool that stands out from the myriad of designs that have come out in recent years.


Design: Alberto Lievore
Hall 11.2, booth K051

Jury statement: The modular and stackable outdoor chair “Ria” by Alberto Livore for Fast wowed the jury with its aesthetics: both in the elegant connection of the legs, seat and backrest, and with its consistent attention to details.


Design: Henrik Pedersen
Hall 02.2, booth A009

Jury statement: A table frame like a wooden sculpture: With its glass top, the “X-Frame” outdoor dining table by Henrik Pedersen for Gloster allows diners to take in the magnificent teak base while eating.


Design: Bernadette Ehmanns, Sonja Ophüls-Zilz, Reimund Braun
Hall 11.1, booth C002

Jury statement: Hey-Sign describes its new “Welle” product as a “ceiling object”: a combination between an acoustic element and a luminaire. The ring made from pleated woolen felt certainly does have an artistic vibe.


Design: Hanne Willmann
Hall 11.3, booth U029/T020

Jury statement: Berlin-based designer Hanne Willmann, Creative Director at Interlübke, designed “Levi” for the company – a coat rack, mirror, and three-dimensional wall object in one. This makes “Levi” an effective means for combatting bleak hallways.

Jan Kath

"Spektrum - Tenno"
Design: Jan Kath Design
Hall 03.2, booth F029

Jury statement: The “Tenno” carpet from the “Spektrum” collection is a powerful swirl of colors – the result is an object that blurs the boundaries between contemporary art and design.

Ligne Roset

Design: Sebastian Herkner
Hall 11.3, booth O020/P029

Jury statement: In the shape of “Taru” Sebastian Herkner has created an entirely seamless sofa. Its compact measurements mean it can be used in small spaces, while the attractive backrest ensures it even looks great when placed in the middle of the room.


Design: Danielle Siggerud
Hall 03.2, booth E031

Jury statement: Danielle Siggerud designed the small “Andogyne” table, which harmoniously pairs strongly structured natural stone with a graphic looking form.


Design: Stefan Diez
Hall 3.1, booth D023

Jury statement: With “Ayno” Stefan Diez reinterprets the central Midgard theme of flexible lighting by employing modern materials while at the same time paying homage to the company history.

Müller Small Living

Design: Enzo Sundermann & Wladimir Rommel
Hall 02.2, booth E019/D018

Jury statement: In the form of “Pal” Enzo Sundermann and Wladimir Rommel have created a modestly dimensioned shelf for Müller Small Living that may be assembled without tools and easily extended by adding further shelves.

New Tendency

"Float Shelf"
Design: New Tendency
Hall 02.2, booth B015/C019

Jury statement: A u-shaped aluminum profile creating two parallel boards – that's all there is to the “Float Shelf” by New Tendency. The Minimalist design object can be used in a myriad of ways and comes in seven colors.

Petite Friture

Design: Tom Chung
Hall 03.2, booth F013

Jury statement: The “Fromme” chair by Tom Chung is light and thanks to its built-in shock absorber also comfortable. The precise design also emphasizes these same qualities.

Petite Friture

Design: Pool
Hall 03.2, booth F013

Jury statement: The designers at Pool draw on the tradition of the gaming table with the top of their new “Tavla” table featuring inlays. However, it is not meant for games but as a dining table – and thanks to the extension mechanism allows for parties of up to 10 persons.


Design: MUT Design
Hall 03.2, booth E023

Jury statement: The boys and girls at MUT Design created the “Aspa” table specially for their “House” masterminded for this year’s imm cologne. The table thrives on its highly textured glass which takes on all manner of different appearances owing to the underlying structure.


Design: Ferréol Babin
Halle 03.2, Stand E023

Jury statement: Ferréol Babin has inserted irregularly cut marble shelves into a frame made of beautifully finished glass for his “Brut” shelving system, in this way enhancing the effect of the two materials: The glass seems more refined and fragile, the stone harder, heavier, and more primordial.

Rolf Benz

Design: Nichetto Studio
Hall 11.3, booth O010/P019

Jury statement: For “Liv”, Luca Nichetto married Italian aesthetics and German manufacturing know how. The sofa system appears light and informal, it features subtle details and superbly finished components.


Design: Studio Besau-Marguerre
Hall 03.2, booth E010

Jury statement: Like a colorful statement on the preceding Bauhaus Year: Marcel Besau and Eva Marguerre have designed a collection of compact wall cabinets in geometrical shapes for Schönbuch.


"sofa bed Ell"
Design: kaschkasch
Hall 11.3, booth T029/S020

Jury statement: The first sofa bed launched by bed and mattress manufacturers Schramm is the brainchild of Cologne design duo Kaschkasch. Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider have created a simple folding mechanism for the luxurious Schramm mattresses with in order to create a down-to-earth yet beautiful sofa.


Design: Wolfgang Hartauer
Hall 03.2, booth F040

Jury statement: Comfortable despite reduction: With the "D9" chair by TECTA, Wolfgang Hartauer has created a bold design that elegantly picks up on the Bauhaus tradition.


"Paradise Bird"
Design: Luca Nichetto
Hall 11.2, booth M010/N011

Jury statement: Luca Nichetto allowed himself to be inspired by the graphic ornamentation of the Vienna Secession for the collection “Paradise Bird” by Wittmann. The ladder-like metal backrests that prop up his sofas and armchairs are an unmistakable and highly original take on the work of Josef Hoffmann and his colleagues.