"nate" by Brunner

Nature meets technology

With "nate" and "nate s", Brunner has developed a wooden furniture collection in collaboration with Munich-based designer Steffen Kehrle that impresses with its innovative and sustainable approach.
by Alexander Russ | 10/13/2021

Three years – that's how long the development of Brunner's "nate collection" took. For the wooden furniture collection, consisting of the "nate" and "nate s" series, a lot had to come together, first and foremost managing director Dr. Marc Brunner and Steffen Kehrle from Atelier Steffen Kehrle in Munich, who developed the concept for a wooden chair 2.0. in an intensive exchange about brand values and material philosophy: "We see wood as a high-tech material that constantly opens up new potential and independence for us," says Steffen Kehrle about the concept behind the "nate collection". And Dr. Marc Brunner adds: "From a production perspective, we have consistently thought in terms of ecologically positive cycles. But not only in terms of the use and origin of the materials, but also in the production routes."

The name "nate" is composed of the words "nature" and "technology" and thus describes a collection that convinces not only with its clever design but also with its sustainable production. On the one hand, this means short distances within Germany, but on the other hand, it also means the use of solid beech and oak wood from domestic, PEFC-certified forestry. In addition, the chairs do not require gluing, which in the case of "nate" is due to a frame made of 100 percent recycled plastic produced by injection molding. Among other things, this ensures that the furniture can be separated by type at the end of its life cycle and is fully recyclable. The construction method guarantees high stability and low dead weight of the chairs and the accompanying tables, benches and stools. The frame takes up the design approach of soft lines and connects the individual parts made of wafer-thin molded wood and sturdy solid wood into a harmonious whole. This brings not only an elegant appearance, but also a high seating comfort, supported by the slightly beveled front edge of the seat.

"nate" by Brunner
"nate s" by Brunner

Based on the design, the "nate s" series was also created to complement "nate": a filigree tubular steel variant in a slim industrial design that confidently interprets the core idea of the collection. Instead of solid wood and recycled plastic, the chair is based on a load-bearing construction of stable round steel tubing with a thermosetting powder coating, to which the organically shaped wooden surfaces of wafer-thin molded wood are attached. There are also matching tables, benches, bar stools and stools from "nate s". Both series are particularly suitable for cafeterias and restaurants in offices, public areas or health and care facilities. The wooden furniture fits harmoniously into different rooms not only thanks to the discreet organic design, but also because of a diverse selection of fabrics and types of leather, as well as more than 900 colors with which they can be played with in a variety of ways.