Paola Lenti 2022: INTERMEZZO

For the new "Intermezzo" bookshelf, Paola Lenti combines a minimalist design language with the playful touch of enameled copper panels.

"Intermezzo" is the name of the new bookcase designed by Francesco Rota for Paola Lenti, which is a minimalist furniture suitable for a wide range of living spaces. The actual structure consists of a steel frame with a matte finish and aluminum shelves with a matte finish. Both of them are in graphite color and together they form a discreet background to place objects in. Meanwhile, a playful component is provided by the enameled copper panels that are used as additional dividers for the shelf. They are available in light green, dark green, red or with an abstract circular decor. The enameling of the front and back sides of these panels is made by hand with oxidized paints in Paola Lenti exclusive colours by the artist Alessandra Malfatti. Each copper panel is thus provided with an individual decor that makes each shelf unique. (ar)