Pauline at the door

A door handle by Pauline Deltour in the first collection of the new manufacturer Turn.
by Fabian Peters | 10/10/2018

For the second time this year, Pauline Deltour is proving to be a master of metal design. And for the second time, it is a new brand that is celebrating its premiere with this design. In Milan, Fucina presented Pauline Deltour's elegantly curved metal sideboard "356" in its premiere collection, for which the designer was inspired by the Porsche model of the same name. And now "Bean", the first door handle designed by Deltour, celebrates its premiere. 

Bean" is produced by the company Turn from Singapore, founded in 2017. Turn is starting out with the claim to develop and offer door handles with completely new comfort features. Inspired by soft-close and damper functions on drawers and cabinet doors, the manufacturer has developed a mechanism that does not snap the handle back abruptly, but allows it to slide gently and quietly back into its original position. 

Not only the technical, but also the design demands are high. This is why nine renowned designers and studios have been asked to design, including Claesson Koivisto Rune, Norm Architects and Snøhetta. Deltour has given the handle a bean or kidney-shaped cross-section, which is intended to create a particularly pleasant grip. Strict and reduced when viewed from the front, the unusual shape gives the lever handle a touch of extravagance when viewed from the side.