Detail of a sideboard from the series "356" by Pauline Deltour for Fucina

Besotted with steel

The new brand Fucina has developed a promising collection of metal furniture with five designers. The premiere will be celebrated at this year's Salone del Mobile.
| 4/13/2018

In 2018 the Salone will again see a manufacturer premiere: Fucina is the name of the new brand, which is entirely dedicated to the production of metal furniture. No wonder: Fucina is a spin-off of the Lombard metal construction specialist Lidi, whose expertise in design and surface processing can be relied upon.

Under the artistic direction of Maddalena Casadei, five designers have created the "Digest Collection". Besides Casadei herself, these are Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, Jun Yasumoto and Pauline Deltour. All designs have the intention to appear as slim and powerful as possible and not to convey the heaviness that is often so typical for the industrial look. Therefore, joints and welds are avoided or concealed as far as possible.

The "Piatto" table family by Hecht und Colin has been developed entirely from basic geometric shapes and lives, among other things, from the material contrast between polished and unpolished metal surfaces. Maddalena Casadeis series "Tavolotto", three round tables of different sizes, each rest on a table base thickening at the base. Their perfect workmanship suggests that they are made from a single piece of material. "Piani" by Jun Yasumoto has two shelves and a polished stainless steel console, while the "356" series by Pauline Deltour consists of two elegantly curved sideboards and a bedside table. (fap)

Via Marsala 7
20121 Milan

17 to 22 April 2018, 10am to 7pm

"Piatto" is a family of tables designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin.
"Tavolotto" is the name of these side tables from Maddalena Casadei.
Thanks to the practically invisible connections, "Tavoletto" appears to be all of a piece.
The "Piani" series by Jun Yasumoto is made of polished stainless steel.