Pedrali 2023: LAMORISSE

"Lamorisse" by CMP Design for Pedrali is an ode to lightness, to light-hearted summer days - it is with good reason that the Italian designer trio was inspired by the ease of a balloon for the design of the armchair.

The armchair "Lamorisse" by CMP Design for Pedrali is ideal for all scenarios that require comfortable furniture for outdoor spaces: the basic structure is shaped in extruded aluminum and features oval legs that flow into the armrests in round tubing. The cherry on top is the large and enveloping cushion in polyurethane foam, which offers first-class comfort. Elastic belts support the seat, while the cushion, thanks to the division into several sections, is connected by a zipper to form a fit that ideally adapts to the body. Two variants can be chosen here: Either the seat and back are upholstered, the armrests remain free, or the seated person is also supported by cushions on the sides. The frame of "Lamorisse" is stackable and can be quickly moved into the preferred position thanks to its light weight. The flexible structure of the design also allows to replace individual parts of the armchair. Meanwhile, for the lacquer finish of the aluminum frame can be chosen between the colors white, sand, orange, green and terracotta. "Lamorisse" is thus a practical, comfortable and flexible furniture that fits into any setting. (am)

Lamorisse by CMP Design