Sound object "Rhomben": The inspiration are ritual musical instruments, which produce an intense sound when you are swinging them trough the air.

Do you feel the cabinet?

French designer Pierre Charrié researches the influence of everyday objects on our five senses.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 12/20/2017

Designer Pierre Charrié integrates unusual, sensory experiences into his furniture and home accessories. For example, the highboard “Wallet” appears rigid at first sight. However, anyone who tries to open its front experiences the flexible materiality of the leather fronts (held in place by invisible magnets) – in fact, they can be gently folded back as in a bag. By contrast, the amplifier “Surfaces Sonores” uses variously curving panels of pressed plywood panels to amplify sound via a buzzer. The latter is attached to the back and depending on the shape of the wooden panel amplifies high frequencies, middle tones and the bass of music. The lamp “Pénates” frames the luminaire body in a wooden box and presents it to best advantage. Rounded wooded rods act as a base and static element; in the area of the luminaire they are painted gold to gently reflect the light. (am)

Light sculpture "Pénates": Put objects or the light according to your wishes in scene.
Wardrobe "Wallet": Flexible leather fronts can be opened and closed gently.
Amplifier "Surfaces Sonores": The curved surface of the pressed plywood panels maximizes the sound of the buzzer.
Side table "Tenkaï": The surface of the folding table is provided with Echizen Washi paper and burnt silver foil.
The side table "Campane" brings with the function of a bell rhythm in the room.