Peter Ghyczy, 1969
Peter Ghyczy, 2017

The “Garden Egg Chair” turns 50

The Adam Brussels Design Museum in Brussels hosts the world’s first solo show on the work of Peter Ghyczy.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 12/3/2017

From February 6 – March 11, 2018 the Adam Brussels Design Museum in Brussels is hosting an exhibition entitled “Peter Ghyczy: 50 Years of Functionalism”. The world’s first solo show on the work of the Hungarian designer places his iconic 1969 design for the “Garden Egg Chair” firmly center stage. For the weatherproof outdoor seat Ghyczy experimented with polyurethane and then came up with a foldable, egg-shaped model that still enjoys cult status today. In addition, he developed a method for clamping metal and glass together, something that was to pave the way for furniture without frames.

The retrospective illuminates Peter Ghyczy’s work across no less than five decades and highlights his role in late-20th century design history. A key theme is the trained architect’s constant endeavor to find an elegant design through his occupation with materiality: “My design works focuses on function, it is based on technical solutions that I apply in a different way,” explains Ghyczy. Since 1971 he has been busy designing furniture, luminaires and design objects under his own “Ghyczy” label.

Sofa GP01
GP03 Armchair
S02 Chair
T63S Tea trolley
T85 Writing Desk