Wood on wood

Stattmann Neue Moebel makes use of solid-wood furniture to form a symbiosis with the passive prefab house by architecture studio Atelier Ordinaire.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 8/15/2018

The town of Beaune can be found in the French Burgundy region. The wine-growing area has a rich architectural legacy; indeed, there are numerous castles and abbeys from the Middle Ages very close to one another, just waiting to be explored. Architecture studio Atelier Ordinaire has realized a passive house in this picturesque setting that, with the exception of a concrete floor, is made entirely of wood. The prefabricated modules give a seamless impression, making the house, with its dark façade and bright interior, seemed carved. The panoramic windows additionally afford a marvelous view of the nearby forest and allow plenty of daylight into the house.

A gentle contrast is evident in the natural-wood rooms in the interior by Stattmann Neue Moebel. From the stackable “Add Stool” to the solid-wood “Profile Bench,” the furniture comes from certified, sustainable forest management. Like the fluid transitions in the house, much of the furniture was made from ash and oak using plug-in connectors. Kept in the colors Powder, Gray, Petrol and Black, it provides gentle contrasts to the natural wood of the rooms. The building’s heating system is likewise sophisticated and minimalist. The windows are positioned according to the course of the sun, so that the warmth of the natural light is ideally exploited. In winter a fireplace additionally distributes heat to the upper level.