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The German label STATTMANN stands for solid wood furniture with a clear design language and beautiful details. Manufactured with high-quality craftsmanship and precision, the pieces of the collection are unpretentious and functional. The responsible use of the natural material wood, in combination with other ecological materials, is a top priority in the production process. Furniture by STATTMANN is practical, long-lasting, and can be used in multiple situations. All items are designed to become life-long companions.

STATTMANN was founded in 2011. In close collaboration with international product designers – Marina Bautier, Jörg Boner, Steffen Kehrle, and Sylvain Willenz – several product families were introduced. The tables, chairs, benches, stools, and shelves feature ingenious plug-in connections and technically sophisticated details. Available in ash and oak, all items can be ordered in a wide range of beautiful colours. The perfectly finished surfaces are treated in way to make the natural grain of the wood visible and tangible. All product families are suitable for use in the private as well as the contract sector.

All STATTMANN furniture is manufactured entirely in Germany, the wood being sourced from sustainably managed European forests. A large part of the production is done in the Stattmann family workshop founded in 1896. When partnering with other workshops or suppliers of components, preferably from the same region, great care is taken to assure high quality standards.

For projects with architects or interior architects, STATTMANN can realise custom colours for any product as well as special measurements for tables, benches or shelves.