Showered fit: In your bathroom at home you can now feel fitter and relax better.

ISH 2017
Wash off the stress

The bathroom as wet room has well and truly served its purpose. At the ISH it is clear: In future, fitness and healthcare will take place in the home. And even include automatic urine analysis.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 3/17/2017

Today’s bathroom is intended to be the “wellness zone” in the home – that much is abundantly clear wandering around the ISH. In the name of relaxation, a flood of rain showers and massage jets gently rinse and knead away the daily stress from our muscles as we sit or lie down. In the bathtub “Zero Dimension” by Toto, it is allegedly even possible to achieve a feeling of weightlessness. The ubiquitous spa atmosphere – for instance at Villeroy&Boch – is rounded out by LED luminaires and sound systems fitted directly into the shower or tub. Yet you would be wrong to think passively standing around in the shower or lazily enjoying a bath were enough to check the healthcare box. After the massage, it’s time for the good old knee gush with the Kneipp hose, which with elegant finishes in gold or white is currently taking the standard ranges of sanitary ware manufacturers by storm. The various treatments are intended to be combined as on a fitness circuit, with the aim being to loosen the muscles and stimulate the circulation.

Show shower: For Grohe’s AquaSymphony ceiling-mounted shower an App combines the jets of water with sound and light for a real shower ensemble.
The right pressure: To ensure optimally relaxed muscles, Toto offers a great selection of shower heads with various water-jet power settings.

For the highly ambitious we see, as with Antolini, the bench for dumbbell training now featured in the bathroom, or elastic tensioning ropes are attached to the sides of the shower so that users can train their arm muscles as they wash. And because between all the training and relaxation in the bathroom you can’t pay attention to everything, safety is optimized: Floor-level shower trays prevent users tripping and the Grohe water sensor “SenseGuard” flashes red and sends a warning notification to your cell phone when water collects where it shouldn’t, even if you’re not at home.

Workout bench: At Antolini a complete bathroom of course boasts a stylish bench for those crunches.
Cold shot: The Kneipp hose is currently enjoying a really gleaming comeback at Dornbracht.

Yet when it comes to sanitary areas it is not only in the shower and bathtub that everything revolves around relaxation and healthcare. Indeed, from now on going to the toilet is sufficient for an analysis of one’s overall state of health: With the “BioTracer” by Duravit a urine sample is automatically taken and analyzed in relation to biological parameters. Glucose level, leucocyte count and the proportion of blood are determined using a rapid-process test strip and can subsequently be read with the corresponding app. With this information users know at an early stage if they should intensify their fitness regime or change their diet, for example. Manufacturers have even given thought to the self-cleaning of bathroom furnishings – from rimless WCs and toilet seats that can easily be removed, to antibacterial coatings and electrolytic treatment of the water.

With so many healthcare measures and automatic preventive functions, only one thing remains for the user to do, and that is to not get stressed.

Fast processor: No need to spend time in a waiting room - Duravit’s BioTracer does your health check at home in the privacy of your bathroom.
Shy of water: When Grohe’s SenseGuard gets cold feet it sends an alarm message to your mobile.