David Thulstrup

Three questions to David Thulstrup

David Thulstrup has collaborated with e15 to create "TORE", a family of side tables that takes a monolithic approach to design, emphasising the role of materiality and form.

Anna Moldenhauer: David, why did you decide to create a family of side tables together with e15?

David Thulstrup: I have a been an admirer of e15’s work long before I started to collaborate with them. When the opportunity arose to create a custom-made furniture piece for a Copenhagen-based burger bar, the Gasoline Grill, I immediately thought of e15. After having followed them for a couple of years, their design approach really resonated with me and I knew that by working with them, the object would be crafted from the best and only high-quality material. The result is "TANK", a modern view on the classical typology of a bar stool made from solid European oak and walnut. Working together with Farah Ebrahimi and Philipp Mainzer was a great experience, especially because we have the same understanding of materiality, colours and form. From there onwards, not only our friendship grew but also the desire to create more designs in the future. During the early stages of "TORE", it was clear that, instead of focusing on one piece only, creating a sculptural landscape of objects that seamlessly melt together felt suitable as my first bigger collection for e15.

The shape of the side tables “TORE” is clear, present, geometric. The tables are statements in space. What was your approach to their shape?

David Thulstrup: I approach everything from an architectural point of view, and not as a typical product designer. By applying a refined and holistic perspective, all elements in their sum are considered. That’s why, when it comes to product design, it’s not about the object as an isolated piece in a space. Even though "TORE" could be seen as a statement, it was created with an emphasis on simplicity. For me, it’s important how the object fits and interacts with its environment – and stands the test of time. For "TORE", I was very inspired by the 1920s, clear shapes and heavy bases. By digging into the era of Art Deco, the fine craftsmanship of this period specifically stood out for me – not only within furniture but also jewellery design.

"TORE" is made of marble or solid wood in different finishes and dimensions. Why did you choose the mono-materiality?

David Thulstrup: I personally love working with mono materiality. It is something that follows my projects as a red thread, and that comes natural to me. Values such as honesty, humanism and simplicity are very close to my heart, and every architectural element that I work on inhabits a piece of that. Celebrating materiality in that way, combined with a very pared-back approach, can also act as the perfect balance in a spatial setting, especially when coupled with a dash of boldness. Juxtapositions are, after all, central to my work. Luckily, e15 shares a similar approach, and has a strong portfolio of honest materials and textures.