The double creation

The website "Twin-Pix" juxtaposes design twins anonymously and without comment. What drives the operator of the platform? We have asked.

Anna Moldenhauer: When and why did you start Twin-Pix?

Twin-Pix: Twin-Pix was born in February 2016 on Instagram. It seemed important to show the past of the design and its evolution.

Your Instagram page has over 11,000 subscribers. What feedback do you get from users?

Twin-Pix: I created a movement. An increasingly large number of people send me twins. There is no longer an individual, but a community that is making visible the heritage of design. I thank them for helping me create this repertory.

How do the designers and companies react whose products are shown on the site?

Twin-Pix: I do not know at all for the companies. They should be asked directly. But there are often two types of reaction for designers. Either he finds it interesting, or I get a lawyer's email, which asks me to delete all the pictures of their client.

The website simply juxtapose the original and the copy, without comment. Why did you choose this way of presentation?

Twin-Pix: As for the Twin–Pix website, it is a database classified according to two criteria, functions and materials. I use also a lot Instagram, it is important to have a strong identity to stand out. This presentation is made for the understanding to be fast. No unnecessary information, it's up to you to make your own judgment

Do you also see Twin-Pix as a kind of product study?

Twin-Pix: Yes, of course, Twin-Pix is above all a pedagogic study. Many things have been created and it seems important to me to not to forget them.This is part of our global Patrimoine. The goal of this endless research is not only to find a twin but also the ancestors of the family tree.

Why do you think it is that so many new designs look so similar to the classics?

Twin-Pix: The classics were the first to be recognized by a larger number. We must not forget that it is also the founding basis of any designer, architect refers to it. It's a lot easier to copy than to create. But what is creating?

Do you have the feeling that today's designers are running out of ideas?

Twin-Pix: All are moving faster and faster, and we can see what is happening on the other side of the planet at any moment. The borders are abolished. I think the Design it is like fashion, that fashion trends eventually repeat themselves.

You want to remain anonymous, does that have a specific reason?

Twin-Pix: All I can tell you and as you might expect, I work in the design world. I do not see the interest of disclosing my identity.