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A masterful arrangement

A design boutique for artistic floral decorations in Hiroshima is displaying its creations with the help of the USM Haller modular furniture system.

Cultivation of plants and flowers is an inherent part of Japanese culture.Ikebana, the tradition of flower arranging that dates back over a thousand years, was once a compulsory practice for aristocrats, just as riding or hunting were among the nobility in the West.Today ikebana is known all over the world – just like Bonsai, which has become synonymous with the art of Japanese gardening.The value placed on a floral arrangement put together by someone of experience and expertise is similarly great to that afforded to a fine piece of jewelry or even a masterfully produced item of furniture.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that such accomplished work demands a fitting display.In its new boutique, the Zaza florist in the heart of Hiroshima is using the legendary USM Haller modular furniture system on which to exhibit its magnificent creations.Zaza combines western and eastern influences in its arrangements.The presentation is highly contemporary, yet the restrained use of just a few select materials and objects evident here is deeply rooted in the country’s traditions.At the same time, USM’s Haller system shows its spiritual links with the Japanese culture – in its reduction of form, its functionality, and its masterful use of materials.Aside from this, the store has been left almost entirely raw.Concrete walls, ceilings and floors and visibly laid piping form an environment in which the USM furniture, despite its contemporary feel, takes on an almost iconic appearance.Thus, the floral arrangements and bouquets exhibited on it appear almost like offerings – a form of presentation that corresponds to the Japanese understanding of flower arranging as an applied art.

At the same time, the USM system does not detract from the arrangements either.After all, countless museums use it for their exhibits,and large flower arrangements or heavy plant pots are therefore easily accommodated by the modular furniture.What’s more, the slender aluminum joins also make the glass cases and shelves appear delicate and transparent when voluminous objects are presented within them.Thanks to the modular structure, the system has been deployed for numerous functions in the Zaza boutique.Counters and sideboards have also come from USM:Here, closed compartments offer ample space for everything the store requires, but wishes to keep out of sight of customers. (fap)

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