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Hospitably versatile

With its new brochure, USM shows the potential the Haller modular furniture system offers the hospitality industry.
by Fabian Peters | 2/7/2019

Busy hotel and restaurant businesses require a lot of investment – not least because the particular requirements this industry places on furniture can frequently only be fulfilled with costly custom-made products.Even if chairs and tables can largely still be acquired “off the peg”, the numerous cupboards, cases, display units and room dividers generally require as much bespoke work as do counter tops, reception areas, and bars.It’s here that cabinetmakers and shopfitters come into their own, making the designs of architects and interior designers a reality with one-off pieces and minimum batches.

As unique and high-quality as the result may be in individual cases, this approach to production also harbors a number of risks:Each new design is virtually a prototype, meaning hotel guests and staff double up as testers – with costly consequences if a design proves to be less than functional in everyday use.For one-off pieces, it’s hard to predict what the service life will be because there are no values for comparison and furniture used in the hospitality industry is subject to enormous stress and a great deal of wear and tear.Where it becomes necessary, after a few years or perhaps even decades, to replace items of furniture or individual elements, there is no guarantee that all the materials or parts will still be available.Conversely, designs that have been created for a very special task and a particular spatial situation are unlikely to be fit-to-purpose elsewhere.Every instance of redecoration or reorganization of the relevant hotel or restaurant almost inevitably requires major investments in interior design.

In its new brochure “Hospitality”, Swiss manufacturer USM shows the potential the legendary USM Haller modular furniture system offers for this area of application, too.After all, the qualities that have long since made the system a design classic and helped it to triumph in both the upmarket office furniture segment and in the home are just as appealing when it comes to restaurants and hotel businesses.Thanks to the USM system’s versatility, variability, high quality and longevity, it offers undeniable advantages, which make it a good choice of furniture in every regard.Thanks to its iconic spherical joints, individual items of furniture can be configured for the relevant task that fit the space perfectly.In hotel rooms, these may be sideboards, bedside tables, shelves or TV and stereo stands.In restaurants and hospitality outlets, cupboards and cases hold cutlery and glasses, while open and closed compartments conceal or present whatever objects are required.USM’s Haller modular furniture system can even be used for the creation of entire bar and counter landscapes, booths and different zones,while in lounges and libraries it proves to be an ideal room divider that can both store reading materials and present selected products at the same time.The bespoke counter concepts are suitable for reception solutions that precisely meet the relevant requirements,and office and conference areas, meanwhile, have long been a specific domain of USM’s Haller modular furniture system along with the USM tables.

The versatility of the system derives not only from its structure, but also from the numerous different options and features.There are 14 different colors to choose from,and the individual modules can be configured in eight different widths and eight heights, while the compartments can be left open or designed with metal, glass or acoustic panels.A variety of doors, shelves, and drawers make it possible to tailor each item of modular furniture precisely to the relevant task.Added to which, the USM Haller E version offers the option of illuminating the relevant furniture and fitting it with USB chargers.Here, the structure of the pipes and spherical joints is itself used for wiring so no additional cables are necessary.

One crucial advantage of USM’s Haller furniture system is its flexibility, which makes it possible to adapt each structure to new requirements as these arise, for example by expanding it where necessary or replacing individual elements.This way the system, the history of which goes back more than 50 years, can develop in parallel to any changes.Thanks, not least, to its timeless aesthetic and excellent quality, it proves itself to be a long-term and wise investment.With the utmost discretion and restraint, USM’s Haller modular furniture system conveys these values to each and every guest, making it a defining feature of any hotel or restaurant.