Versatile presenter: Together with five manufacturers, USM demonstrates the retail talent of the Haller modular furniture system in its German showrooms.

A legend and its guests

An invitation from a modern classic: Five highly specialized manufacturers are hosted by the USM’s German showrooms in a demonstration of how its legendary “Haller” modular furniture system is up to any retail task.
by Fabian Peters | 12/12/2018

Modularity and organization are part of its DNA – yet it is also a master of presentation:the iconic “Haller” modular furniture system made by USM, based in Münsingen in Switzerland.The true extent of its grandezzawas highlighted by UNStudio at the Salone del Mobile 2018 in Milan,where the architects under Ben van Berkel entirely fitted out the manufacturer’s booth using the USM Haller elements – chrome-plated tubular steel and the famous spherical screw-in connectors.They thus created what was perhaps the most impressive presentation by a manufacturer at the world’s biggest furniture show.

The fact that this legendary modular furniture is at home even away from the office is now widely known,and it has long since conquered all the rooms of the house.And now retailers are also increasingly relying on its qualities. As a result,the German USM showrooms have teamed up with five special partner companies to demonstrate how USM’s Haller modular furniture system is suitable for extremely convincing retail solutions.In the showrooms, the partners present a broad range of products for which the highly flexible furniture can be used.

Table delights: Meissen Porcelain Manufactory is a guest at the USM Showroom in Munich.
Bicycles and accessories will be on display at the AWSUM bicycle manufactory in Düsseldorf's USM showroom.

Meissen is one example: the oldest porcelain manufactory in Europe whose handmade works of art are being hosted by the Munich showroom.There, display cabinets and framework elements made of chrome-plated tubular steel strike a finely tuned balance somewhere between presentation and restraint, protection and accessibility.One particularly fancy feature: the compact pedestals constructed from the system, which stand on USM Haller tables and give the Baroque table centerpieces a modern interpretation.

Entirely different challenges in terms of presentation are posed by the products from bicycle manufacturer AWSUM, based in Düsseldorf.The purist two-wheelers are presented on podia, of which one is a standalone, and the second integrated into a large-format shelf structure.The shelving also offers displays for books, racks for hanging functional clothing, and display cases and open compartments for accessories.

In the USM showroom in Berlin, the traditional costume label Gottseidank presents its latest collection.
The fitness equipment from Technogym in the USM Showroom Hamburg.

At the USM showroom in Berlin, the guest is Munich-based traditional costume company Gottseidank, which presents its current collection.Compartments and clothes racks are naturally the primary focus.USM’s Haller modular furniture system creates a consistent design language and is able to cater to specific needs in the area of fashion retail, such as drawers beneath tabletops.

In the Hamburg showroom the USM furniture takes a backseat role as the high-tech fitness equipment from Italian manufacturer Technogym comes to the fore.Alongside a large set of shelving acting as a screen, a roll-down board emphasizes the versatility of the system. A different facet emerges in USM’s collaboration with wooden toy manufacturer Naef.Here, the elective affinity between the two Swiss companies’ products is evident in the keen sense for beauty in construction that they both share.

Exquisitely produced and lovingly designed: The wooden toys from Naef at USM in Stuttgart.