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Product description

Lipla is a double bed with extreme visual uniformity. It is composed of a fabric or leather or eco-leather structure with a headboard that accomodate the mattress. The back unit is an optional and can be used as a support surface and bedside table with drawers; it can be made of all the glossy lacquers of the sample collection.

Width 1920 mm / 2120 mm / 2250 mm
Height 703 mm
Depth 2430 mm / 2460 mm
Bed finish with head panel
Material leather (unspecified)
textiles (unspecified)
imitation leather
Colors black

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for Lipla

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CAD lipla_dwg_front.dwg 124.71 KB
CAD lipla1600x2000_dwg_model.3ds 77 KB
CAD lipla1600x2000comodino_dwg_model.3ds 137.17 KB
CAD lipla1800x2000_dwg_model.3ds 77.47 KB
CAD lipla1800x2000comodino_dwg_model.3ds 139.28 KB
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Lipla data sheet

by Porro

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