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Standard Individual
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Siedle is continuing to expand the individual design of its indoor units. As in the past, customers can choose from any of eight different panelling styles. But now they have an additional option of combining them with two colours for the housing. What is more, in its Customized range, Siedle offers panels with a paint finish in the colour specified by the customer and applies logos, lettering or other individual elements. The building blocks: Individual The design concept of Siedle in-house intercom systems is based on the sandwich mode of construction. The Individual range produces the maximum design diversity from this technique: main body, receiver, keys and controls are translucent or black. The producer then combines these with eight different styles of panelling. Available finishes are brushed stainless steel, chromium or gold plating, anodized aluminium, two different precious wood veneers and stainless steel coated with a high-gloss paint coating in black or white. Using this simple principle, Siedle creates sixteen different design options to match every style of furnishing.

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Eberhard Meurer