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Product description

TECElux integrates additional toilet functions into the wall. An extremely flat glass plate encloses the inspection opening, and therefore conceals the odour extraction system and connections for water and electrics. The WC terminal from TECE can be combined with any ceramics, including washlets.

Additional functions on the toilet require space, and frequently also a power or additional water connection. Up until now, the elements were simply added on to the ceramics and the water and power lines installed visibly next to the toilet. These makeshift solutions not only look unattractive, the feeling of safety is also impaired by a 230 volt socket so close by. With its new WC terminal, domestic engineering specialist TECE is taking account of both factors: TECElux integrates the system components in the pre-wall module invisibly and safely. The required inspection opening is covered by a flat glass plate. As an open interface between the toilet functions and bathroom architecture, the WC terminal can

be combined with absolutely any ceramics or washlet.
The two-piece plate made of white safety glass measures approximately the same as a toilet module, and is just a few millimetres deep. The top part can be easily removed, providing access to the system components behind it. In the TECElux basic version, the opening for the two narrow flush buttons is cut out of the plate, and the flush is actuated manually. The advanced variant offers electronic flush actuation: A sensor detects when a person is approaching the toilet, and only illuminates the flush buttons then. A slight touch with the fingertips is enough to actuate the large or small flush volume.

The basic version of the toilet module includes the TECE dual-flush cistern and the option of manually adapting the height of the toilet ceramics to user requirements within an eight-centimetre range. The basic module can optionally be fitted with an odour extraction system, and with a power connection and additional water connection for washlet functions. The odour extraction system uses a new type of ceramic activated carbon filter that only has to be replaced about every five years. The advanced version with the electronic flush actuation has all options as standard, as well as electronic height adjustment. Here, the user can raise or lower the toilet ceramics within a 20-centimetre range with the help of a remote control.

Thanks to its streamline aesthetics, the glass plate blends in with the architecture of any bathroom. With its large area, it also acts as a splash guard for the rear wall, meaning the wall does not have to be tiled. As a result, TECElux makes bathroom renovations easier.

TECE, Germany

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