Design: Erwan Bouroullec, Ronan Bouroullec


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01 product description

Product description

Workbay breaks with the rigid layout of today’s office environment, introducing a more organic approach to collaborative work – one that is closer to human nature.

Life in the office has changed. Today, the prevailing understanding of the nature of people is that we are social and communicative creatures. As a result, in modern offices the level of positive interaction has increased steadily. Now, life and vibrancy have been reintroduced to the office, as interaction takes place at and around the employees’ communal workplaces. Workbay provides easy-to-use semi-private spaces for common areas – the so-called “middle zones” of an open office plan. A system of organically-shaped, cell-like configurations, the single modular elements make possible a wide variety of formations, from single work situations to group spaces and micro-architectural clusters.

The system is based on four curved, straight or star-shaped wall elements of two different heights. Constructed to avoid the heaviness of other micro-architectures, Workbay nonetheless offers a protective and durable shell thanks to a sturdy industrial fleece supported by a light-weight aluminium structure. At the same time, Workbay takes into account the downside of today’s buzzing open offices: Workbay cells shut out background noises, thanks to the exceptional sound-absorbing quality of the polyester fleece – a material new to the furniture industry. A friendly, almost homey feeling is provided by the texture of these walls. This atmosphere is further enhanced by a warm range of colours, as well as the selection of different table tops and benches.

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