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TENSO is the first antoniolupi hydrobrush. A small hand shower with a subtle jet of water, adequately strong and powerful to easily and efficiently clean the water closet: it is therefore a modern alternative to the old and unhygienic toilet brush.

From an aesthetic point of view the hydrobrush is suitable to all types of bathrooms: it doesn’t have a marked design nor does it take up space. Since it is minimal with clean lines it can easily be integrated in in any bathroom.

The jet is strong and allows for easy clearing without causing danger to who uses it, or, in particular for children. Tenso is equipped with double locking security for opening and closing the water jet, one is integrated on the concealed door and the other on directly on the support to ensure over time proper functioning of the product.

The antoniolupi hydrobrush can also be an alternative to a bidet by simply changing the head on the flexible tube it can become a hand shower for personal hygiene. TENSO is available single or combined with a paper holder.

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Antonio Lupi, Italien

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