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Poltrona Frau S.p.A.

via Sandro Pertini 22
62029 Tolentino MC

T: +39 (0)733-9091
F: +39 (0)733-971600

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Founded in 1912 by the Italian craftsman and designer Renzo Frau, Poltrona Frau's furniture embodies the perfect marriage of ageless beauty, classic and modern styling and 21st century ergonomics. For decades it has served royalties, the international jet set and the most discriminant buyers on earth. Its realizations are in theaters, airplanes, ocean liners, palaces, embassies, luxury hotels and private homes around the world.
The secret of Poltrona Frau's success has been the use of the highst quality materials, outstanding design and craftsmanship, and ongoing research and innovation in style and technique, to obtain the absolute Made in Italy product. Every piece is constructed by hand by skilled craftspeople in Tolentino, Italy, with distingtive design elements of famous Architects and Designers around the world. Close scrutiny is given to each phase of production, and the finished piece is stamped and tagged with a code for easy recognation.

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