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Via Vittorio Veneto 57
20834 Nova Milanese

T: +39-(0)362-4981
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Zanotta was founded in 1954 by Aurelio Zanotta. The period of intense creativity in Zanottas production began in 1965. Aurelio Zanotta produced Throw Away, a de-boned armchair obtained with blocks of glued polyurethane, designed by Willie Landels. In the years to follow Zanotta produced proposals by young designers, achieving brilliant success: Sacco by Gatti, Paolini and Teodori and the inflatable Blow armchair by De Pas-D Urbino-Lomazzi. In the 1980s the firm received its third Compasso d`oro prize, for the Tonietta chair by Enzo Mari, produced with the aim of creating a mass-produced object without sacrificing fine craftsmanship and good design. Recent catalogue entries are characterized by a tendency toward minimalist synthesis and severe geometries, as in the Uni table by Roberto Barbieri or the Florence containers by Alfredo Häberli.

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