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The Markelius table, that saw the light of day at the same time as Modernism became popular, was designed by the Swedish architect Sven Markelius (1889– 1972) for his own villa in the Stockholm suburb of Nockeby.

The round table served as a dining table and thanks to its placement in the house it came to be at the centre for conversations about the emerging Swedish welfare state as well as the flourishing international Modernism. The piece of furniture was of great personal importance to Markelius and accompanied him when he moved from Nockeby, first to the radical collective house that he designed in the city centre in 1935 and later to a villa in Kevinge, North of Stockholm, designed and built in 1945 where he would live until his death in 1972.

The table was never put into production in Markelius lifetime so it is not until now that others than the legendary architect’s family and friends have been given the opportunity to enjoy this unique piece of design. With its slender tubular steel frame, the Markelius table reveals its origins in the Modern movement. Offecct Edition, release 2018, presents this emblematic piece of furniture with a table top in walnut veneer and stainless-steel joints that marks the position of the legs.

OFFECCT, Schweden

Sven Markelius
1930, 2018