S 8000 Conference table

Presented:Orgatec 2010, Cologne
Categories: Office / Contract furnitureTablesConference tables / systems
Product description

A sculpture in space: the conference table system S 8000 by architect Hadi Teherani combines high functionality with perfected quality and visual lightness.Like a ribbon the elegant metal base bracket continues on the surface of the tabletop where it becomes a functional surface - the central element. Multimedia module and beamer can be individually integrated. Cables are run invisibly in the supporting base structure.

Metal base bracket / cover plate functional surface: stainless steel polished. Tables rectangular or round in diverse dimensions. Tabletops with beech, ash, oak or walnut veneer as well as white mineral surface.

Length2700 - 6300 mm
Width1500 mm
Table finishtable with glider base
Table top shaperectangular
nut wood
stainless steel
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Thonet, Germany

Hadi Teherani

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for S 8000 Conference table

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CADs_8000_cad_s_8001_dxf_model.dxf1.51 MB
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CADs_8000_cad_s_8003_dxf_model.dxf1.68 MB
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CADs_8000_cad_s_8003_ecken_kantig_dwg_model.dwg181.39 KB
CADs_8000_cad_s_8004_dxf_model.dxf1.71 MB
CADs_8000_cad_s_8004_ecken_gerundet_dwg_model.dwg207.83 KB
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CADs_8000_cad_s_8004_ecken_kantig_dwg_model_160907_160225.dwg186.29 KB
CADs_8000_cad_s_8005_dxf_model.dxf1.65 MB
CADs_8000_cad_s_8005_ecken_gerundet_dwg_model.dwg199.85 KB

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