Presented:Salone del Mobile 2010, Milan
Categories: Interior lightingChandeliers
Product description

It seems that today fireflies have disappeared. In reality I think few of us have taken the trouble to verify this information, too busy as we are pursuing many and sometimes futile daily commitments. Just as, on the other hand, few of us in past times ha

d actually trapped fireflies inside a glass jar. But we all knew it was possible. In the end, Fabio Novembre has done for us: small shining lights held
inside an immense "old-style" cage. The LUCIOLA chandelier seems like a 19th-century aviary, made of

intertwined metal wire and created to protect precious gems. Of course it is designed to illuminate, but above all to amaze, as in times gone by in grand houses, with a whole series of "wonders", from stuffed animals to large maps of the world, from anat

omical skulls to aviaries with exotic birds. With
Fabio Novembre and LUCIOLA, the Driade house becomes infused with wonder too.

Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging

Driade, Italy

Fabio Novembre