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The brain behind TTC is Siegfried Timmler.

His idiosyncratic vita has made him the entrepreneur he is today. Siegfried Timmler is the son of a local merchant family in Cologne. In his youth he was already an achiever in the field of sports but also a rebel, against capitalism and nuclear power plants. For others criticising the establishment may have been just a phase prior to settling into a classic career. For Siegfried Timmler, however, this was only the starting point in his quest for new values and individual orientation.

As a young man he became friends with the architect Erich Schneider-Wessling who introduced him to schools of thought that corresponded with his own philosophy of life. Ecological design and air conditioning technology incorporating exterior sun protection, the use of daylight and greening - these ideas fascinated him. He began to travel abroad. First to Israel, where he saw housing estates tailored to the desert climate. Then to Central and North America: his most important stop there was Los Angeles where he stayed with Richard Neutra's family. Richard Neutra had won international acclaim with his innovative concept of linking interior and exterior spaces.

Back home again, in Germany, Siegfried Timmler studied business administration in Cologne and, in parallel, took over and ran the paternal business. Originally specialized in grating systems he extended the portfolio and focussed on new technologies: LED as an energy saving luminous source. Air conditioning using water cooled systems, a gentler method than cold air cooling that is also more comfortable for the user. Today TTC is an industry renowned synonym for solutions that go easy on resources. Solutions - and this is Siegfried Timmler's aspiration - which emphasise the character of a building in an aesthetical and consistent way.

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