KNX room temperature control

KNX room temperature control
Product description

Merten's KNX room temperature control unit makes an active contri-bution to efficient energy saving

This KNX temperature control unit comes in various colours for the System M switch range and allows a different temperature to be set in each


With the KNX room temperature control unit, adjusting the temperature in rooms according to individual needs has become extremely convenient and it helps save heating costs at the same time. Integration into the KNX system enables you to

control one or several heating valves automatically. To this end, the required temperature is de-termined at the installation site of the KNX room temperature control unit or via an exter-nal temperature sensor.

Recording the temperature exter

nally allows you to implement a safe temperature limit for floor heating which will protect valuable wooden floors from being damaged as a result of harmful temperatures, for example.

In everyday use, the presence key of the KNX room temperatur

e control unit is extremely useful. It permits easy changing between standb modey and your individual "comfort" setting. The integrated push-button interface is flexible: four conventional push-buttons are connected for dimming, switching, contr

olling blinds and retrieving KNX scenes. If required, two of the inputs can be parameterised as outputs (max. 0.8 mA), e.g. to trigger status LEDs.

Convenient handling characterises the KNX room temperature control unit when it comes to install

ation and commissioning. Separation of the connection unit and the controller insert has considerably improved the handling in tough building site situations.

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