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It’s hardly surprising that Carlo Urbinati has chosen an article on a light bulb. But we wouldn’t have guessed that the modest founder of Foscarini is fascinated by as iridescent a figure as Carlo Mollino.

Carlo Urbinati studied architecture and like most architects is also a bit of an all-rounder. For the founder of luminaire makers Foscarini loves not only design but also art and the culture of writing. This is exemplified, for instance, by Foscarini’s commitment to the Venice Art and Architecture Biennales and to “Inventario” magazine – the company has been a strong supporter of both for years now. So we were very excited to see what article hands-on manager and patron Carlo Urbinati remembered most. Needless to say, an article on light was among them: „When back in 2009 came the news that the incandescent light bulbs had become outlawed, the first feeling we had was one of anger. Reading this article by Stylepark made us feel not alone, as it expressed very well our thoughts,“ Urbinati declares. And he has always been fascinated by Carlo Mollino – not only because the latter was a brilliant architect, designer and artist, but also because the man with whom he shares a first name had a passion for “bella macchina”, beautiful machines and great fast cars, just like Urbinati himself. (AS)

Green bulbs, and not for the garden
01 September 2009 | by Markus Frenzl

The era of the energy-saving lamp has begun. But is it even ready for its new tasks? - Many have in recent months warned about the health risks, even environmental associations are sceptical whether the energy savings are great and as regards disposal of the lamp as waste. And with reference to its design, it is not just a matter of taste, but also of drastic consequences for everyday culture and design

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Staged science or twixt illusion and structure
25 September 2011 | by Sandra Gottwald

“Maniera Moderna” at Haus der Kunst in Munich is dedicated to the multi-faceted oeuvre of Italian architect, designer and photographer Carlo Mollino. The exhibition is not the first to address the Turin polymath’s remarkable oeuvre. But it is certainly the most ambitious, as it focuses on Mollino’s oeuvre as a whole.

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