A celebration of plants

For Tableau in Copenhagen, architect David Thulstrup has revisited the entire concept of the flower shop.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 6/22/2018

The classic flower shop: Packed from floor to ceiling with bouquets, cut flowers, branches and decorations. The generally no-frills architecture of the sales space has just one task here – to remain as inconspicuous as possible behind the lush green. For “Tableau” in Copenhagen, David Thulstrup chose precisely the opposite approach, however. There, the architecture is liberated from its place in the shadows and instead takes center stage: Exposed concrete on the walls and elongated LED lights beneath the ceiling ensure a bright setting that contrasts effectively with the vinyl flooring in radiant blue. Instead of adorning staggered plant display stands with countless bouquets, selected flowers are presented in geometric vases mounted on plinths. Each of the latter consists of different materials, such as terrazzo, glass, granite, and polished and perforated metal. The unique plinths were created in collaboration with artists such as Poul Isbak and, as with the selected range of flowers, are also for sale. Thulstrup has also thought carefully about the wellbeing of the decorative plants: For those in pots, he has developed a circular stand with integrated light sculpture, which provides the ideal lighting for optimum growth after the daylight has faded.