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A heritage-listed church in the heart of London has been transformed into a market hall that also serves as a community center. Furniture from Fermob invites you to eat, drink or simply enjoying watching time pass.
by Fabian Peters | 6/17/2020

Even if the location goes by the name of Mercato Metropolitano, it is not to be found in Rome or Naples, but in London. So what is it exactly? It can perhaps be best described as a market hall offering specialties from all over the world. The founders of the Mercato Metropolitano therefore refer to it as a movement. Because they were not interested in simply creating a new playground for spoilt Foodies and instead set out with the project to contribute to society. In multiple ways. First of all, the establishment is destined to support sustainable food supplies by offering regional and organic produce. Secondly it is meant to act as an incubator for local start-ups and in this way create jobs. And finally, Mercato Metropolitano also aspires to be the meeting point for the local community.

The first Mercato Metropolitano opened back in 2016 in London’s Elephant & Castle district in a former paper factory, and a new venue was added at the end of 2019: Mercato Mayfair is located but a few steps away from Oxford Street with its famous shops – in the heritage-listed St. Mark's Church of all places. The 19th-century church is now home to more than a dozen snack bars, restaurants, bars and stores. The nave and the galleries boast tables and chairs where guests can sit down. Letizia Cervieri, Head of Brand and Visual, and one of the founders of Mercato Metropolitano, felt products from French metal furniture specialist Fermob were the ideal fit. Mercato Metropolitano and Fermob are united by a common attitude: both focus specifically on ecological action, both are enthusiastic about classic forms but are absolutely up to date and both stand out clearly from the competitors with their concept. At Fermob this concept is: high class design and a wide range of colours. This variety of colours is used in the furnishing of the Marcato Mayfair to enter into dialog with the polychrome church building. Cervieri consciously decided to use a chairs from various Fernmob collections as the historical architecture of St. Mark's Church likewise melds different styles and formal vocabularies to form a whole: For example, a Classicist façade with a large pillared portico leads to a Neo-Romanesque interior and a glorious Neo-Gothic altar in the choir.

The large crypt beneath the church is now inhabited by a cheese shop and a micro-brewery – and is also the place where you will find the Mercato Mayfair “community rooms”. Here, the range extends from cookery courses for locals to events, meetings and even concerts. In this way, at its new venue Mercato Metropolitano again comes good on its founders’ promise to be an active and important part of the neighborhood.

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