"Remind" at the Petit Palace Suites, Santorini, Greece

Sunny souls

With Spring fast approaching the time is ripe for a closer look at three exceptional armchairs signed by Pedrali – “Soul Outdoor”, “Remind” and “Tribeca” – they tick all the boxes for making a great impression both inside and outdoors.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 2/19/2020

"Soul Outdoor is an all-rounder of a chair. It would work well in any country round the globe, and even in outer space” quips Eugeni Quitllet. With “Soul Outdoor” the Catalan designer has reinterpreted the design of “Soul” for Pedrali. “Soul Outdoor” was first presented at the Salone del Mobile in 2019 and instantly won the Stylepark Selected Award. For “Soul Outdoor” the seamless, sensuous structure of the armchair is shaped from shiny aluminum, which lends it a special presence: It looks like it has been cast from a single piece. What is more, the ergonomic shape of the seat made from teak wood slats makes a beautiful contrast that symbolizes the symbiosis between two worlds of material processing: the traditional crafts trades and cutting-edge technology. “I think in design it is important to find a formula that answers many questions all at once,” Eugeni Quitllet continues. “Soul Outdoor” is thus very lightweight, robust, has a pleasant feel and despite its reduced design is a real looker. “Nowadays a chair should no longer be designed for a particular place, such as the kitchen or garden, but should instead fit into all architectures flexibly,” Quitllet comments. Meaning there’s an increased demand now for a lighthearted, poetic design that works for all living areas.

The newcomer is joined by Eugeni Quitllet’s “Remind”, another design for Pedrali, which with its softly curved armrests and perforated back is reminiscent of the wooden chairs in vogue in the 19th century. The hand-crafted and charmingly nostalgic “Remind” provides an exclusive seat for interiors as well as exteriors. Quitllet has come up with a playful detail for the airy backrest: Small colorful polypropylene dots allow users to create an individual artistic pattern on the surface, so it comes with a dose of fun, too. “Tribeca” is likewise by Pedrali, but this time designed by CMP Design. Made of powder-coated steel and featuring woven extruded PVC, the chair has a bold character. The varnish coating in many lively colors and the vertical woven seat and backrest made of elastic cords in PVC are inspired by the Patio chairs of the 1960s and ‘70s. Be it in the variation with armrests or the one without – this strikingly graphic chair has a wonderfully summery feel and brings Mediterranean flair even to northern latitudes.

"Soul Outdoor"

“Soul Outdoor”, “Remind” and “Tribeca” – the successful trio has enabled Pedrali to fit out international locations sure to make your heart skip a beat if you love soaking up sun rays: Take it for example the patios of luxurious “Petit Palace Suites” in Santorini with glorious views of the Aegean Sea, the “Plage la Mandala” beach restaurant in Cannes, or “Peck”, that gourmet paradise in the heart of Milan.

"Tribeca" at the Enigma Suites, Santorini, Greece