“Héra”, Design by Patrick Jouin

Dancing Earth

Lightness, comfort and a natural material: With "Héra" Patrick Jouin has designed an armchair for Pedrali that convinces with elegance and dynamics.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 4/21/2019

"Wood is the material of the future for me," says Patrick Jouin. At the Salone del Mobile 2019 he recently presented the new collection "Héra" together with Pedrali. A lightweight, made of ash or American walnut, that combines the latest technology with natural material and Pedrali's know-how. The refinement of the backrest, shaped of three-dimensionally bent plywood, merges smoothly into the rectangular legs with a round edge and creates an elegant dynamic. "The contact between the body and the chair works better with curves," says Patrick Jouin. And adds: "I like to compare the finding of form with a dance, because it shows the precision of the movement I try to achieve". While the ergonomically modeled backrest gently supports the seated person, the upholstered seat made of polyurethane foam and elastic belts provide comfort. Sustainability was also considered with "Héra": Following the goddess of the same name in Greek mythology, the wooden elements come from certified forests. In addition, the used wood varnish are mainly derived from plant resins. The result is representative of Jouin's concern to place industrial design with elegance, functionality and ergonomics in a new, luxurious context.

Patrick Jouin
Lightweight made of ash or american walnut: "Wood is the material of the future for me", says Patrick Jouin.

Creative freedom

The long-term cooperation with Pedrali is a stroke of luck for him: "It is rare for a company to have so much know-how at all levels, in industry and in design. This gives me a lot of freedom as a creative, because all the necessary tools and the knowledge for my work are already there. The communication among each other works very fast." The collaboration between the French designer and Pedrali started in 2013 with the armchair "Ester", a noble monolith made of leather and aluminium. "The collection was designed for the Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester restaurant on Hyde Park in London," says Patrick Jouin. This was followed by the modular seating system "Social", the outdoor collection "Reva" and the table "Elliot" with folding top, which has received the German Design Award 2019. "Pedrali and I have grown together with every project," Jouin sums up. And the designer has already the next goal in mind: "I would love to design a large armchair for Pedrali," he says.

Salone del Mobile 2019: "Héra" on the booth of Pedrali.