View from above: Pedrali chose Piazza Vecchia in Bergamo from the 15th century for the exclusive outdoor dinner.

A vision in green

Pedrali recently chose the heart of the old town of Bergamo for a rather special event: In the Piazza Vecchia, close to the magnificent Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica, the family-run Italian company hosted an exclusive outdoor dinner.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 9/24/2019

Over 200 top-line creatives were invited to gather against this historic backdrop in Bergamo. And the guests didn’t need asking twice – after all, Le Corbusier once described the 15th-century Piazza Vecchia as “one of the world’s most beautiful squares”. After a tour through the famous old town, the select group of guests gathered for a large family-style celebration under the loggia of Palazzo della Ragione: Over Italian culinary delicacies, designers such as Odoardo Fioravanti, Claudio Bellini and Eugeni Quitllet, and architects of the likes of Cino Zucchi and Alessandro Munge were joined by international journalists as they exchanged ideas and forged plans for the future. As they did so, they were able to enjoy the comfort of the “Tribeca” seatings from CMP Design, "Remind" by Eugeni Quitllet and the “Reva” sofa at the ancient washhouse designed by Patrick Jouin for Pedrali. “We invited creatives from all over the world to join us so they could gain an insight, in a relaxed atmosphere, into the wonderful diversity and wealth of Italy’s cultural heritage,” explained Monica Pedrali.

By the centuries-old walls of the Campanone or Torre Civica, guests were able to enjoy the golden light of the warm evening sun from their seats before it disappeared behind the tower. From then on, “Giravolta” and “Happy Apple” by Basaglia Rota Nodari lit the way for visitors to the site. This also led up to the Sala delle Capriate in the Palazzo della Ragione, one of the city’s first guild halls. By way of a contribution to the exhibition taking place there, “Take Roots – Wood as principle of a sustainable economy”, Pedrali chose the armchairs “Héra” by Patrick Jouin and “Soul” by Eugeni Quitllet. With soft curves and fine lines formed by the bleached ash or American walnut woods, both seatings highlight Pedrali’s expertise in applying skilled craftsmanship to shape natural material for a sculptured finish.

The timing of the event could not have been better chosen, since it gave guests the opportunity to experience the historic backdrop enhanced with trees, flowers and shrubs: As part of the “I Maestri del Paesaggio” festival, landscape architect Luciano Giubbilei had created new perspectives on the future of cultural heritage in the Piazza Vecchia, in keeping with this year’s motto of “Pioneer Landscape”. “Pedrali is known for operating on a global scale, but at the same time it is very important to create cultural added value in our homeland too,” says Monica Pedrali. It’s therefore not about presenting the company’s furniture within the context of the “I Maestri del Paesaggio”, she explains. Rather, Pedrali sought to take advantage of the reinterpretation of the Piazza Vecchia to show visitors the historic city from a perspective in which architecture and nature harmoniously intertwine.

Cosy late summer evening: Pedrali showed a colourful insight into the outdoor collection in a relaxed atmosphere.