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Inside or out

George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg have designed a modular piece of outdoor furniture for Tribù. The “Nodi” sofa scores points for its flexible design with the finesse of indoor furniture.

“We think that now more than ever, people want calmness. We think that Nodi Sofa is appropriate for its time because it has an intrinsic beauty to it and it’s extremely comfortable. It has a weightiness that doesn’t feel heavy. There’s an airiness to it that makes it breathe,” say George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, commenting on their design. And it’s true: The new modular item of furniture from the family-run Belgian brand Tribù seems to hover lightly above the ground and conveys an elegant sense of lightness with its curved forms. The two designers took inspiration from sailing, which on the one hand references its outdoor use, while, on the other, so George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, emphasizes the flexible, livable nature of their design: “That’s something that we are really conscious of, too, that it doesn’t have to look like what people think outdoor furniture should be.”

And they’ve succeeded, since the “Nodi” has the finesse of an indoor sofa and is likewise a winner for its workmanship. A frame made of solid stainless steel forms the structure, over which the organically shaped cushions are casually distributed. The side enclosure is formed by an open weave made of Canax®, which exudes lightness and transparency and, with its combination of natural hemp and artificial fibers, is resistant to dirt, UV, and water, among other things. Thanks to the soft and airy cushion filling, the “Nodi” sofa also offers a high degree of comfort. That said, in addition to being comfortable, it is also functional, since the recycled polyester fibers used maintain their springiness even with repeated compression. What’s more, the stuffing is encased in laminated, water-resistant polypropylene, meaning the cushions can stay outside even in the rain.

Another feature of the Nodi sofa is its flexibility, which is written into the design in the form of modular assembly options. A total of three seating elements, four seat depths and two different back cushions offer users a variety of different configurations, ranging from the formal three-seater to relaxed daybeds to an extra-wide corner sofa. Individual designs are assured thanks to two color options (white and dark grey-brown) for the frame, as well as 130 fabrics to choose from, which can be harmoniously combined with one another. It’s something Glenn Pushelberg would echo: “The beauty of Nodi and its modularity is that there’s a kind of partnership, a rhythm that’s pretty. I think that flexibility, without looking like slabs, makes it unique and it gives a lot of variety.” (ar)