Revolutionary systems

The GoalGirls in Berlin want to be free and not get rigidly pigeonholed. The modular USM Haller System is an almost natural choice as partner.

Fast, agile, and flexible is what the GoalGirls want to be, a young Berlin ad agency staffed only by women. Kaddie and Helena Rothe established GoalGirls in order to consciously promote women and a female perspective in the creative industry. They want each of their colleagues to be listened to in the creative process. Co-Creagency is what they named their form of agency to convey the idea of the equal status of each and every team member. There are no subordinates or superiors in the classical sense here – almost all the GoalGirls are freelancers who join up in teams on a project-by-project basis.

In order to do justice to the standards they have set themselves, the GoalGirls have resolved to adopt a holocratic structure. While there is still always a project lead, she is supported by a group of experts who then each work independently in their own area of expertise and bear partial responsibility for their specific output.

Needless to say, the offices for a young company that seeks to turn so many conventions upside down has to meet special conditions. The GoalGirls chose a system that is as fast, agile and flexible as they are, the legendary "USM Haller System". The rooms of the Berlin agency have to be suitable for numerous tasks. They function as an events venue and an office space, a conference hall, workshop and studio. A set of USM shelves forms the center of the office, functioning as a room divider, a storage system and not least as an eyecatcher. Colored individual elements in yellow, orange and white add joyful and dynamic accents that immediately convey a sense of the agency’s special spirit. The colors are emulated by a mobile castor-based container that always stands where it happens to be needed. The height-adjustable USM table “Kitos M” can be used as a classical desk, for working standing up, and also as a conference table for people to stand around for informal discussions. In this way, USM furniture provides the perfect working environment for the co-creagency. Because even if the GoalGirls want to do so many things differently and better, now and again the ideal solution already exists. (fap)

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