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Presented:Orgatec 2012, Cologne
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Product description

The USM Kitos Product Line:
The Quick-Change Artist USM Kitos is a universal table system designed to meet the requirements of a high-tech workstation. From a simple conference table to a complex workstation – it can handle every change. The table consists of pillars, crossbars and support tubes connected by a lock ring. The high-quality materials and the solid connection technology ensure that vibrations are kept to a minimum. Product characteristics such as height and angle adjustability as well as knee- and legroom, round out the profile. It is ideally suited for desk sharing and hotdesking.

USM Kitos E
The USM Kitos E table unites maximum functionality and elegant design. Barely visible, the cable duct hides under the tabletop for clean cable organization. A flap in the tabletop offers access to the cable duct from the front or optionally from the top. The height-adjustment option guarantees an ergonomic work environment. Even at its maximum extended height of 1300 mm, it ensures stability and meets the standards for vibration resistance. The user is guaranteed leg and knee room at all heights.

USM Kitos E Advanced
The Kitos E Advanced table offers even more user-friendly features: It has a sliding tray that can easily be detached, pulled forward and folded down, providing optimal organization and supply of all power cables, power supply units and other connections in a large cable tray. The adaptation points integrated into the tabletop permit the user to easily attach up to four expansions including a flat-screen support, privacy panel, desk lamp, USB adapters, etc. Upon request an additional hatch can be built into the table that simplifies network access for frequently used connections.

Table finishtable with glider base
Table top shaperectangular
Functionsheight adjustable
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