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The organically-shaped Rolf Benz ONDA concept sofa range creates a very special place. It’s a place in which you can find time for yourself. Time to do what makes you feel good. Rolf Benz ONDA is a modular sofa range whose organic shape and sensually opulent yet modern appearance instantly inspire. This inspiration comes not least from the many options that allow you to create your very own personal dream sofa. Rolf Benz ONDA is as versatile as it is straightforward: it combines practical modularity with a new, organic and gentle shape while offering the customisation options of a classic system range. You can determine the soft, overall shape of the sofa through a choice of individual models – to ensure the perfect fit for your room shape. You can then choose the perfect foot design for your preferences and the upholstery comfort to suit your ergonomic requirements.

• Wooden inner frame
• Coil spring unit
• Seat in polyurethane foam, built up in varying height and firmness
• Comfort layer in the seat made from a mat worked into ticking chambers and filled with rods and fibers
• Back pad in polyurethane foam
• Comfort layer in the back made from nonwoven polyester
• Downy-soft cushions, worked into ticking chambers with a filling of foam rods and polyester fibers
• Choice of wood or metal for legs

Seat height: Choice of 40 cm, 43 cm or 46 cm
Seat depth 57 cm

The high-grade materials used are tested in accordance with DIN and RAL directives and subject to long-term testing. The foam materials used in our upholstered furniture are produced free of fluorochlorinated hydrocarbons.

Seat finishwith upholstery
Base finishwith legs
Backrest finishwith backrest
with back padding
Armrest finishwith armrests
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Rolf Benz, Germany

Christian Werner

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