Steel Orientation system

Steel Orientation system
Product description

In public buildings, offices, lawyers practices or doctors surgeries - orientation does not stop at the front door.
Buildings frequented by the public require an internal signage system, a method of identifying corridors and rooms: An orientation system. And where a cohesive, sophisticated look is paramount, the orientation system provides the ideal addition to a Siedle door station. But the panels with their flawless surface finish create an attractive feature in their own right. Using the same fundamental structural concept, different cover panels offer two different design alternatives: Either in solid brushed top-quality stainless steel (V4A) or in also solid anodized aluminium. Pictograms are used to denote the most frequently used room types. They are supplemented by direction arrows, numbers and letters for building and room identification. Precise cut-outs in the solid stainless steel reveal the painted mounting level below. This interaction between outline and contrast permits simple integration into any corporate colour scheme or signage system. The orientation signs are made up of two levels: All that is fixed to the surface by screws is the mounting plate. The cover plate simply slots onto the mounting plate using a simple locking mechanism and can be changed without using tools. The lasercut openings reveal the mounting plate below. Colour on demand: The lettering on transparent film under glass permits the mounting plate to be cut through. This can be painted in any optional RAL colour, allowing signs to be easily integrated into an existing guidance system or to be matched with a corporate colour scheme. Laser inscriptions for the Siedle orientation system: Inscriptions which previously had to be engraved, glued or printed can now be produced in the form of laser cut-outs from the solid cover plate. For house or room numbersand for any optional individual inscriptions. Used in conjunction with the already available lasercut pictograms and symbols, this service permits the creation of an individual but cohesive signage system throughout the building. The solid stainless steel or aluminium signs are available with between one and four parts. They can be individually inscribed by adhesive film, printing, engraving or laser cutting, and can be quickly and easily changed as required without using tools.

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Siedle, Germany

Eberhard Meurer