Steel Surface area light LED

Steel Surface area light LED
Product description

Siedle does not view the topic of light in isolation. Instead, the lamps fit into the entire context of building communication. They light up paths and access routes, illuminate entrance areas and highlight letterboxes, signs or intercom units. Siedle is not only equipping its new lamps with light-emitting diodes, the white LED light is now also gleaming onto nameplates and information panels. The result is a uniform light temperature throughout the entire communication system.LED panel light and LED spot highlight the Siedle door units. The panel light provides the correct illumination onto information signs, letterboxes or the entire system – and is itself a design highlight that makes the innovative technology into a distinctive design feature. The white LEDs shine through the translucent material, one point of light lining up with the next. Targeted spotlighting of house numbers, access control or keys has been in the Siedle range for some considerable time. Now an LED replaces a halogen lamp in the same design.Siedle is combining the technical benefits of LEDs – long service life and high energy yield – with simplified planning and installation. Above all, the Furtwangen-based company has considerably enhanced the power supply concept. Whereas a 230-volt supply was once required, the LEDs manage with a 20-volt to 30-volt DC supply. The spot can also be operated with a 12-volt AC supply as an added option. In many cases, though, the supply for the communication system is sufficient for the lighting as well, thus obviating the need for additional power supply units.

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