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Modern Living Comfort Meets Design 

The linee kitchen “Black Line” by TEAM 7 certainly cuts an impressive figure. Cubic forms, generous black coloured glass fronts and clear lines give the new linee kitchen design its exceptional elegance. “Black Line” embodies the perfect symbiosis of inviting, harmonious solid wood, vibrant coloured glass and bold metal. A sense of cool elegance is provided by the range of handles, stainless steel plinth panels, work tops and coloured glass sides in matte black. A sensual warmth is created at the same time by visible wood design elements. This exciting contrast ensures a clean, pure look on the outside, while the completely solid wood interiors engage all of the senses and represent quality, radiating a unique charisma full of vibrancy. 

As a consistently pure version of a solid wood kitchen, the linee “Black Line” functions in many ways as a bridge to the home’s living spaces. The large glass surfaces on the front and sides of the items’ bodies and the metal elements lend the otherwise quite linear design a more restrained character. This effect can be augmented through the use of closed design elements, such as smoked glass cabinet doors that resemble aspects of the living room design lines, or open elements that break up the overall impression provided by the surfaces. The guiding principle behind these design elements is that they provide a recurring pattern across the entire set of furnishings – in spite of a variety of possible formats and arrangements – and explicitly incorporate both the core kitchen items and occasional furniture. The distinguishing characteristic shared across all items is the end-grained wood, visible from the sides, used in the handcrafted corner joints. The bodies and drawers in all of TEAM 7’s kitchen furnishings are, of course, also made of solid wood. The company has created its own particularly sturdy three-layer wood top for the fronts. 

Solid wood, glass and metal are harmoniously joined together in the linee “Black Line” to create a modern sense of comfortable living that is flexible enough to meet individual tastes thanks to the variety of items and diversity of arrangements – whether in the form of a classic kitchenette or with a kitchen island where the family cooks and spends time together. TEAM 7 has created additional functional elements in line with the new look: an extendable table with glass sides and the ark bar stool – with leather or upholstered seat shell – complete the overall impression.

nut wood
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TEAM 7, Austria

Sebastian Desch