Vorgestellt:Salone del Mobile 2012, Mailand
Kategorien: WohnmöbelTischeEss- / Küchentische

Mario Bellini revisits the iconic La Rotonda table which he designed for Cassina in 1976 and gives it a new interpretation inspired by the conviviality of the Far East . The result is Pantheon , a round wooden table with a glass Lazy Susan at its centre. This thin round sheet of transparent glass can be smoothly spun at just the touch of a hand, acting as an elegant rotating tray. A mix of traditional and contemporary gestures that combine the long established customs of the Far East with the modern tactility of today’s tablets. The table is supported by the three splayed legs that brought success to the La Rotonda table. An authentic wooden sculpture that stands out for the sense of continuity between these three elements that come together thanks to a complex construction of hidden joints. Visually and structurally enigmatic, the piece expresses Cassina’s historic al culture for wood-craftsmanship.

Länge1950 mm
Breite1100 mm
Höhe740 mm
Tiefe1150 mm
Durchmesser820 mm / 1950 mm
Form Tischplatterechteckig
MaterialGlas (nicht spezifiziert)
Holz (nicht spezifiziert)

Cassina, Italien

Mario Bellini