Tam Tam mini

Tam Tam mini
Vorgestellt:Light + Building 2012, Frankfurt
Kategorien: InnenleuchtenPendelleuchten

It's a juicy bunch of grapes, Nick Mason's drums from Pink Floyd, the constellation of Perseus...there are so many examples that could be used to describe the Tam Tam, a new perception in the world of lamps, which extols repetitiveness by focusing on the

archetypal lampshade: a number of light sources pointed in different directions, geometrically arranged to invoke a feeling of organized chaos.

The Tam Tam consists of a large central shade (50cm Ø) in lacquered aluminium, to which are attached va

rious satellite shades (35cm Ø), which can be rotated through 360º by means of a swivel mechanism. An opalescent, methacrylate diffuser over the open end softens the light.
Tam Tam is available as a suspension lamp in two sizes: a regular size with eit

her three or five satellite shades and a mini size with three shades. A wall lamp version with one or two shades completes the collection. Each shade can be personalised in any of the following colours: black, white, orange, brown, green or grey.
The T

am Tam is suitable for any space. Using more than one, the sets of shades with their different positions can be used to create vast, multi-coloured ceilings, each one different from any other.

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