MB1 Quartet Sofa

Product description

The MB Collection has been founded to mark the long relationship between Mario Bellini and Cassina: a collection that brings together all of the products designed by the architect currently produced by Cassina, including this historic model taken from the archives.

Working in close contact with Bellini, Cassina has revised the proportions and upholstery of the MB1 Quartet armchair while always respecting the original spirit of the project. The new luxury version epitomises the company’s expertise in leather workmanship, particularly apparent in the contrast between the exterior and the belt loops, made from soft saddle leather, and the inside and belt in natural leather.

Width620 mm
Height970 mm
Depth620 mm
Materialtextiles (unspecified)
leather (unspecified)
shades of blue
shades of brown

Cassina, Italy

Mario Bellini