Metal louvres / Shadometal

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Product description

Shadometal is a fixed or controllable fabricated aluminium louvre solar shading system that may be installed either vertically or horizontally in front of the façade or on the roof. A Shadometal system can reduce solar heat gain, lower air conditioning running costs. Shadometal is well suited to many different applications, from façades to glazed roofs. The louvre spans depends on structural considerations and the type of louvre blade selected.

-A wide range of blades: Shadometal louvres are available in various colours, surface finishes and coatings to meet specific design requirements. Depending on the chosen arrangement of perforations to the louvre blade, light and radiation transmission can be accurately achieved for every specific application.
-Flexible controls: Shadometal shading systems are operated by linear actuators that have the capability to operate complete facades. A series of louvres are attached to a system of levers and push rods which link them to a control system. The louvres may be fixed at any angle and can rotate under motorised control within a range of up to 110⁰.
-Potential for reduced installation costs: Shadometal can be provided in modular pre-assembled form.
-Robust: Shadometal is made from high grade aluminium and stainless steel. The system is designed to compensate for thermal expansion.
-Design service: Colt provides a pre-order design service. Please contact Colt for more information relating to the application, specification, installation or servicing of Shadometal systems.

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