Fernando Campana

Fernando and Humberto Campana

R. Barao de Tatuì 219
01226-030 Sao Paulo

T: 00 55-11 36 66 41 52
F: 00 55-11 38 25 34 08

Products by Fernando Campana

Humberto Campana, a lawyer, and Fernando Campana, an architect, have been working together in San Paulo since 1983 in the field of artistic design.

They started in 1989 with a furniture exhibition, provocatively called "The Inconsolable", a political manifesto rather than functional objects.
Their radical point of view is strengthened by the use of poor materials and industrial trash. In a poor country the handmade production represents an opportunity for social redemption. However, their purpose is that of finding a Brazilian way for design, trying to avoid the European colonization.

In Italy they partecipated in the Exhibition "Viaggio in Italia" at Abitare il tempo of Verona in 1994, and 1995 in the Exhibition organized at the Brazilian Consulate of Milan "Il Brasile fa anche design".
In 1997 they designed lamps for O Luce. Some of their works are included in the International Design Year Book of 1997, edited by Philippe Starck.
In 1998 the Moma Museum in New York dedicated to the Campana's work an exhibition titled
"Progetto 66".